Kandar Bronzebelly

Dwarven Monastic Brewer


Considered one of the finest brewmasters within the Brü Fist Monastery—known for their “unique” fighting style and award winning ‘Bronzebelly Bitter Ale’ (a recipe Kandar formulated and named after himself).

Spent most of time in the monastery farming, brewing, and meditating (see also: drinking) while learning the ways of the ‘Drunken Master’ technique, a fighting style exclusive to the Brü Fist Monks.

He is currently seeking an elderly blacksmith at the harvest festival by order of his monastery. The blacksmith that Kandar seeks was considered a master of his trade, crafting sickles and other harvesting tools for local farmers, and has since retired. The tools the elderly man created are considered some of the finest in Ailartsua, and the Brü Fist monastery wishes to know the secrets to his smithing or forging techniques. He carries a basic farmer’s sickle that bears his mark.

Though the monastery simply tasked him with deepening his understanding of this specific forging technique, Kandar has his own ulterior motives. It has been rumored that this particular weapon crafter has knowledge of a lost ancient beer recipe that was once brewed by the earliest settlers of the Ardmore region. Kandar wishes not only to obtain the knowledge of the elderly blacksmith’s techniques for his monastery, but also to obtain more information about this rare recipe in order to one day brew it—and more importantly drink it.

Kandar Bronzebelly

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